Do you struggle with setting up the tech you need for your online business?

Learn how to get your new business online with Techy Best Friend!

Think of this ebook as your techy best friend, there to help you whenever you have a question about setting something up for your business. Refer to it for all things tech!

  • Set up your domain and hosting if you haven’t already so you can finally get this show on the road!
  • Create a website powered by WordPress and the theme of your choosing (don’t worry if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about – we’ll cover all of this tech speak).
  • How to find and install templates so you don’t have to code this entire thing from scratch
  • Add cool features to your website like an opt-in form for your email list and social sharing (you know those things that ask you to share something on Facebook?) so you can spread your message EVERYWHERE.
  • Set up an email list so you can stay in contact with your dream audience

Your Investment: $29

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

​If you're not completely happy with your purchase within 30 days, email me ​and I'll give you a full refund.  No questions asked. :)

What People Are Saying...

"Katie presents building your website in such a fun and unique way. I especially loved that the notes are thoroughly written out for you to follow along step by step."

- Michelle Matthews

"I can tell that tons of thought, time, and effort went into producing a very comprehensive program -- my hat is off to you for launching this."

- Kathryn Brown

Here's what you'll learn in this 38 page ebook (with content that originally appeared in our now-retired Website Bootcamp):

  • Set up hosting and a domain for your website... let's get this ball rolling!
  • Install and learn about Wordpress, the best system for new business owners to make websites with!
  • How to install themes, which add unique branding to your online presence
  • A comparison of some popular Wordpress themes- Headway, Genesis, and more - so you can choose the best one for your website
  • Set up an email list with Mailchimp so you can communicate with your visitors
  • Create an opt-in form (or a popup opt-in) so you can start collecting leads and getting customers
  • Add widgets and plugins to your website so you can add cool features
  • Protect your blog from spam to save yourself headaches
  • Add social share buttons to your posts so your posts can go viral
  • Backup your Wordpress site so you never have to worry about it
  • ... and more! :D  All presented with written instructions and screenshots to see what's going on.

You could pay THOUSANDS of dollars to hire a developer to set up your website, opt-in form, email list, backups, plugins, and theme for you, but you can save a ton of money by doing it yourself. And as a new business owner, I'm sure you could use a little extra money in your pocket. ;)

Get started now with our instant download ebook!

Your Investment: $29

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