Are you tired of pinning all day on Pinterest and having zero people see your pins?

Growing your reach on Pinterest is definitely possible.  And you don't have to spend hours a day working on it, either.

Did you know that there are actually tools you can use to automate most of Pinterest once you've gotten a good collection of pins up?  It's true.  And there's certain things you can be doing that actually move the needle in more eyeballs on your pins and more page views on your blog.

Pinterest marketing can work in almost any industry (not just "how to start a blog" :)).  I know because it's helped me grow three different blogs - Rebelsaurus, a web design and marketing business; Resilient, my personal development and mental health blog; and a new lifestyle blog I started recently called Tuxedo Cats and Coffee.

Here's some of the results I've experienced...

Here's a screenshot of my average monthly viewers for Resilient (my personal development blog) from January to February, showing that we had over 900,000 monthly viewers.  And one day, we had over one million average monthly viewers,

Screenshot from my personal development blog's reach on Pinterest:

Screenshot of my lifestyle blog's reach on Pinterest after only a MONTH of starting it:

So, as you can see, it's possible to make Pinterest work for your online business (even if you don't have a ton of followers - the first blog had around 5,000 followers at the time and the second only had around 300 when it was reaching 100,000 people a month!).  This has also resulted in thousands of more page views, and more product sales and ad revenue.  And more happy readers! :)

This reach isn't from pinning random things - it's mostly from optimizing and pinning my own blog posts, which I set up with optimized graphics and descriptions so they would do well on Pinterest.

It wasn't just a fluke that these results have happened - I've been doing a series of intentional, deliberate steps every day that creates steady progress each month.  And it's totally possible to teach you how to do the same thing!

If you're interested in learning how to grow your blog or business with Pinterest, grab a copy of Pinsaurus and get started today!

39 page ebook.

Your Investment: $29

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

​If you're not completely happy with your purchase within 30 days, email me ​and I'll give you a full refund.  No questions asked. :)

Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • Optimizing Your Pinterest Profile
  • Getting a Business Account
  • Using Rich Pins
  • Using Keywords to Expand Your Reach
  • Creating Pin Worthy Content
  • Creating Ideal Pins for Your Blog Posts
  • Creating a Signature Graphic Style
  • Why You Need a “Best Of” Board
  • How Many Boards and Pins Should You Have?
  • What Should You Be Pinning?
  • Getting Initial Traction on Pinterest
  • How Group Boards Can Explode Your Pinterest Growth
  • How to Automate Your Pinning
  • Using Pinterest Analytics
  • How to Double Your Pinterest Results

... and more!  39 page actionable ebook.

Your Investment: $29

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