Blog Audit & Marketing Strategy

Bonus: I’ll also send you a free copy of our ebook Entrepreneur Life Hacks, so you can improve the other missing piece of your business: your productivity and how you spend your time, and setting up systems to make things run more smoothly. ($29 value)

What You Get:

To improve your website, branding, blog, and social media presence, delivered straight to your email inbox. No phone calls or Skype scheduling required!

  • Are you looking for feedback and marketing advice on your blog or website and tired of asking for opinions from random friends and family members who don’t really get what you’re doing with “that online thing”?

  • Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure out what new social media platform of the week (like, what the heck happened to Vine already??) or marketing tactic you should be using right now – webinars, guest posts, Facebook ads, live video, oh my!

  • You’re overwhelmed, confused, and stuck in decision paralysis. I get it. Odds are, you’re too close to your own business to see what changes you need to make or what marketing and social media strategies would work for your particular brand.

You just wish you could get some feedback on what you’re working on, or a second set of eyes on your website, and the step-by-step, hand-holding advice of EXACTLY what you should be working on in your blog and social media to up your game and get results.

An Action Plan with a checklist of actions

And if you ask for help in your Facebook group, you hear crickets. Or worse, you hear a bunch of conflicting opinions from your Aunt Sally or friend Chuck who all have VERY strong opinions about the fonts you’re using or the price of your services (even though they’ve never started a business in their life).

That’s where I come in!

If you want an objective, friendly look at your online business and social media presence (from a fellow blogger and entrepreneur who has been starting websites and online businesses for over 12 years), tips on how to improve everything, and a solid marketing strategy for your business, you need a Blog & Social Media Audit. 😃 (This is a GOOD kind of audit, I promise! :))

I combine my skills in design, branding, marketing, copywriting, social media, blogging, and more to give a holistic review of how things look currently on your blog and social media accounts and give you specific, actionable tips and advice so you can get better results (think more subscribers, followers, and dollar bills!).

Raise your hand if this sounds like you...

4-5 page report of advice, feedback, and marketing strategy

Digital Questionnaire

For you to take to improve YOUR business. This is NOT a cookie cutter service – I will tailor my suggestions specifically to what areas you’re trying to improve.

For you to fill out to let me know what you’re struggling with in your business and where you want me to concentrate my focus.

- My schedule is currently full! -

Hello there! My name’s Katie Harp and I’m the lady boss behind Rebelsaurus. I run a few different online businesses and blogs, including this one! I’ve gotten results like…

  • Grew a lifestyle blog to over 70,000 monthly page views
  • Grew a Pinterest account to over 9,000 followers organically
  • Reached over 1,000,000 monthly Pinterest impressions
  • Reached over 10,000 followers for one of my Instagram accounts
  • Sold and launched both digital and physical products in a variety of industries
  • Published a Kindle book on Amazon
  • Helped clients launch new services and programs
  • And more!
  • But the best part, of course, is helping people. 🙂

With Rebelsaurus, I help bloggers and online entrepreneurs with their awesome blogs and businesses, particularly with marketing and social media. Whether that’s giving you suggestions on how to grow your blog with social media and online marketing, or how to improve your branding and design, or streamline and automate things in your business, I can help you with it. 🙂

If you would like me to review additional pages, social media accounts, or specific blog posts in depth, you can add those on for $40 per page / account. Email me at katie (at) about this!

Areas I Can Cover in Your Audit and Strategy:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Branding / logo / color scheme
  • Website design
  • Usability / ease of use of your website
  • Getting more email signups or conversions
  • Copywriting advice
  • Sales page feedback
  • Product / service ideas for your niche
  • How to save time in your business
  • Ideas for monetizing your blog
  • The best marketing ideas for your business
  • What you should post on social media
  • Getting more social media followers
  • And more!

Who is this for?

After you pay through the Book Now button, I will send you an email with a questionnaire for you to fill out to help me tailor my suggestions, and once you’ve sent that, I’ll get back to you with my report detailing all of the specific tips and advice for your business within 3-5 days.

  • For bloggers, service-based online businesses, product-based online businesses, life and business coaches, designers, brand strategists, and more!
  • Introverted or busy entrepreneurs – all of our communication is by email, so you don’t have to deal with time zone differences, Skype calls, or the hassle of putting on pants 🙂

- My schedule is currently full! -

Who is this NOT for?

Get your review and marketing strategy now!

  • Brick and mortar stores (sorry guys! – it’s not my area of expertise)
  • If you don’t have a website, are still in the idea phase, or don’t have social media accounts up yet (I gotta have something to review, yo!)
  • If you’re looking for someone to design or write your website for you or deliver a done-for-you marketing service – I’ll give you the ideas about changes to make, but you have to do the work. 🙂

How does this work?

Who am I?

  • Up to 7 pages of your website and overall blog (like the home page, work with me page, main blog page, about page, etc) reviewed
  • AND up to 5 social media accounts reviewed
  • 4-5 page report of advice, feedback, and tips to improve your whole business and online presence
  • A personalized Action Plan with a checklist of actions
  • Bonus: free copy of Entrepreneur Life Hacks, our ebook about saving time and stress in your business ($29 value)

- My schedule is currently full! -

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