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Let Go and Trust the Process

Let Go and Trust the Process

This post originally appeared on my mental health blog Resilient.


For most of last summer I was incredibly lazy.

Lounging around, reading good books, browsing the web, looking at pretty things, watching videos about fostering kittens…

There is a time for pushing, and a time for letting go. A time to work hard and plant seeds and a time to harvest.
And even if you’re working hard and doing well and trying to get better, you’ll allowed to relax and let go and just be. You don’t always have to be pushing.

There is a beautiful quality to just living. Letting go of striving. Letting go of the to-do list. Letting go of the hustle. Letting go of the struggle.

And just floating in the water, enjoying the view.

If you’ve been working really hard to start a business or blog, maybe you would benefit from taking it easy a little bit. Take stock of what’s in your life, what’s working, and appreciate this very moment that you’re living.
Slow down, simplify, and let go of the excess. Inhale in, and then exhale –

No more worry.

No more anxiety.

No more stress.

No more weight on your shoulders.

Just let go of everything that once held you back. Let go of feeling like you should be farther along than you are now. Let go of trying to rush things, and just trust the process instead.

Slow it way down, and live in the here and now. Moment by moment. Day by day.

Let go and trust the process.


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