Are you feeling worn out, tired, and ready to give up in your business?

Being an entrepreneur is hard.  Here are some words of encouragement from someone who's been there.

There are days as an entrepreneur when you feel like just giving up and throwing in the towel.

Is all of this even worth it?

Yes.  It's worth it.

I've started several businesses and if there's one thing I've learned, it's this:

If you want your business to work, don't give up.  You have to keep going, even when it's hard.

Hard is what makes it great.

But when you're in the middle of the fog, it seems like things will never get better.  But things get better when you make them better.

You have the ability to change your life and create a life and business you love.  You just have to keep going.  This ebook will inspire you to keep fighting for your dreams.

This is a collection of inspirational posts straight from our blog organized in one handy little ebook for on-the-go inspiration.

Here's a preview of what's inside:

  • To the Entrepreneur Who's Ready to Give Up
  • How to Believe in Yourself When No One Else Does
  • How the Business World Taught Me How to Be Happy
  • 20 Quick Ways to Get Motivated to Work Again
  • Just Start
  • Are You Making this Mistake When Going After Your Goals?
  • How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
  • Get Rid of Overwhelm with One Simple Step
  • Sometimes Procrastination is Actually Your Intuition
  • 16 Awesome Quotes to Inspire You to Follow Your Dreams
  • You’re Going to Want to Give Up
  • How Do I Start Setting Goals?
  • I Am An Entrepreneur
  • The Big Difference Between Wishing and Knowing That You'll Get There
  • You Don't Always Have to Finish What You Started
  • What I've Learned from Failing
  • Let Go and Trust the Process

... and many, many more!

92 pages of collected inspiration for entrepreneurs from our blog.