Is your branding a little blah?

Could your business do with a facelift to spruce things up and make your business stand out from a (very crowded) online marketplace?

Good news! I can teach you how to create a brand that's as unique and awesome as you are.

One that sets your business apart from the sea of sameness. So you stand out from the endless list of other blogs and websites in the online world and makes your visitors remember you.

"I loved this course! I especially loved that the notes are thoroughly written out for you to follow along step by step. The key part that touched me the most was getting in touch with your big why exercise. Without that, you can have a pretty website, but might not be getting your unique message across in the most meaningful way. I loved all the tips on getting in touch with your brand style, designing graphics and logos too. So many things to list, I could go on and on!"

- Michelle Matthews

As soon as you sign up, you'll have access to 4 step-by-step training videos (for a total of 30 minutes of material) following along with my screen as I show you both the inner work of branding and the design work, 2 worksheets, and 2 action steps for creating actual brand elements for your business.

Here's what you'll learn:

I'll teach you with step-by-step training videos straight from our Website Bootcamp how to discover the right branding for your business, based on YOU (and what branding is, period!), along with creating some guiding values for your brand and finally coming up with the design aesthetic for your brand, including a color scheme, fonts, and a logo that you design yourself (or you can hand off your brand style guide to a logo designer at the end of this if you prefer!).

Lesson 1: Your Big Why

Lesson 2: Unique Mustache Proposition

Lesson 3: Brand Style

Lesson 4: Logo Design

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